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What's New With 7.7.0


FORGEBOX-769 Search doesn't match the package slug when searching in the teams package list


FORGEBOX-764 Add the per-version download counts to the package version view and add the count to the version array that comes back in the entry data
FORGEBOX-765 Remove the ratings array from the entry response
FORGEBOX-766 Move this endpoint to the API (
FORGEBOX-771 Update last updated date for a package to match the different pages that show this info across the app
FORGEBOX-775 replace the usage of the `prop` helper function in favor of the coldbox`forAttribute` function across the app
FORGEBOX-777 Update the entry versions search to allow semantic version values

New Feature

FORGEBOX-716 Showing a graph on the package homepage with the installs counts for the last year
FORGEBOX-776 Show installation stats for entry and entry versions in the ForgeBox UI
FORGEBOX-778 Add a binaryHash field on the entryVersions table and return the value in the entry response