What's New With 7.1.0


​FORGEBOX-729 Make sure the last updated date is correct for packages when filtering by "updated" filter

​FORGEBOX-730 Present Lucee extension versions in Java semver format

​FORGEBOX-733 Add consistent xss mitigation on all views

​FORGEBOX-739 Fix Elastic Search results and update the index properly after saving entries

​FORGEBOX-740 Fix copy install string when viewing a cf engine package version


​FORGEBOX-719 Add Dependency Manager

​FORGEBOX-728 Improve the search results and give more weight on the slug and do not apply fuzziness to all fields

​FORGEBOX-734 Upgrade to ColdBox 7

​FORGEBOX-736 Upgrade cborm and other packages

​FORGEBOX-673 Upgrade to mail services 2

New Feature

​FORGEBOX-722 Add the organizations page in the admin module