ForgeBox namespace

Inside CommandBox, use the forgebox namespace to search for packages or show packages of your choosing.

The first command to try out is "forgebox search". It takes a single parameter which is a string to perform a case-insensitive search for. Any entry whose title, summary or author name contains that text will be displayed:

forgebox search awesome

forgebox show

The "forgebox show" command takes several parameters and is pretty flexible. The first way to use it is to just view the details of a single entry using the slug.

forgebox show coldbox

You can get lists of items filtered by package type (modules, interceptors, caching, etc) and ordered by popular, new, or recent. Here are some examples:

forgebox show plugins
forgebox show new modules
forgebox show recent commandbox-commands

Too many results on one page? Use the built-in pagination options:

forgebox show orderby=new maxRows=10 startRow=11

Or just pipe the output into the built-in "more" or "grep" command.

forgebox show new | more
forgebox show modules | grep brad

forgebox show help

If you have trouble remembering the valid types or order by's, remember you can always hit "tab" for autocomplete within the interactive shell. Adding "help" to the end of any command will also show you the specific help for that command.

forgebox help
forgebox search help
forgebox show help

forgebox types

The list of types in ForgeBox is dynamic so we don't list them out in the help. Instead, we made a handy "forgebox types" command to pull the latest list of types for you.

forgebox types

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