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What's New With 7.0.0


FORGEBOX-709 Send email notifications when adding and removing members from orgs/teams.
FORGEBOX-708 InvitationPending exception is not being handled when sending an invite to a user that already belong to the org
FORGEBOX-701 Fix the slugcheck endpoint that is only checking for slugs on active packages. it should account for the unpublish packages too
FORGEBOX-697 Issues with created and last published date times
FORGEBOX-694 User Failing Validation Clears Entire Form
FORGEBOX-688 API search does not work with user's real name
FORGEBOX-615 Forgebox purge unconfirmed users errors after first one
FORGEBOX-609 On Ipad view the cards on the homepage do not look alike
FORGEBOX-597 API response when publishing with an invalid API key is incorrect


FORGEBOX-713 Search Descriptions
FORGEBOX-711 Register activity logs when publishing/unpublishing via CommandBox
FORGEBOX-707 Numbered lists are not formatting in the package view.
FORGEBOX-706 Consolidate on the security checks on the Org BaseHandler instead of each handler.
FORGEBOX-693 cborm upgrade to latest
FORGEBOX-692 ColdBox Upgrade
FORGEBOX-656 Work on responsiveness for the user & org context pages
FORGEBOX-637 Admin user editor not showing packages by user

New Feature

FORGEBOX-702 Create the ITB Banner and modal for the landing page
FORGEBOX-699 Add elastic search and have the ability to switch between DBSearch and elastic search.
FORGEBOX-698 Create the entryVersionsInstalls table to record the installation tracking per version
FORGEBOX-695 Figure out how to pass API Token from Lucee to Forgebox extension provider
FORGEBOX-690 Create a public stats page for ForgeBox
FORGEBOX-675 Create a ForgeBox about landing page
FORGEBOX-622 Give users 1 private package for free with the community plan
FORGEBOX-392 Add ability to filter packages by User in the admin view


FORGEBOX-662 Create a scheduler to wipe out the activity log according to the plan the user has.